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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I think my wisdom teeth are coming out. What should I do? / My wisdom teeth are hurting. Do I need to remove them?

    Sometimes when wisdom teeth are coming out through the gums it can cause discomfort and pain. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to remove the wisdom teeth. Sometimes because they are only halfway through the gums, they have a gum flap over the tooth that can trap food and other things. This will cause gum infection and hence the pain. If the wisdom teeth continue to give you trouble or do not fully grow out then you may need to get them out. To relieve the pain from infected wisdom teeth, you may need to clean the stuck debris out from under the gums. Please give us a call to let us help you with your wisdom teeth and answer any questions you may have.

    Do we see kids?

    Yes, we see the whole family including kids. We also have an oral therapist who is also great at working with children.

    Do we do braces or “Invisalign”?

    We do provide traditional braces and “Invisalign” style orthodontics (clear aligner therapy). Depending on the difficulty of your case it may be advisable to use a certain style over the other. See our provided information about orthodontics to see the pros and cons of both types of treatment. If you’re looking for more information about your specific case then make a booking so that we can discuss your case in more detail.

    Do we have sleep dentistry?

    Unfortunately, we don’t do sleep dentistry as we do not have the facilities required for it. However, we can definitely refer you to places that can do sleep dentistry if you require it.

    For some anxious patients, you may not require sleep dentistry or sedation. We have had some success with treating an anxious patient with longer appointments and some medications to help manage anxiety first. If you find that your anxiety is unmanageable then we can definitely refer you for sleep dentistry.

    Do we do jaw surgery?

    Unfortunately, we currently do not offer jaw surgery as part of our services. However, we are able to do minor oral surgery, including wisdom tooth surgery or for implant placement. If you are looking for corrective jaw surgery, we may be able to refer you to an oral surgeon, an orthodontist or an ENT.

    Do we have payment plan options?

    We are glad to share with you that we do have some payment plan options to help you out. - Denticare, Afterpay and Humm (coming soon)

    What languages do you speak?

    Our staff can communicate with you in English, Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese), Vietnamese, Macedonian and Indian.

    Do we have parking on site?

    Yes, we have onsite parking with the entrance on Willoughby Street. There is also free unlimited street parking on Willoughby street.

    Who are our preferred providers?

    We are preferred providers for HCF and NIB but do accept all health insurances. This means that you will be able to have a high cover for your dental treatment, provided you have extra cover. For other health insurances, they will cover a lower percentage than at their preferred providers.[Link to health insurance providers]. If you are looking for your preferred provider for your health insurance, you’ll be able to search for it through your health insurance portal.

    Do we take x-rays on-site?

    We can take x-rays on-site. We can take smallmouth x-rays, OPG (full mouth x-rays) and CBCT (3D x-rays). These are the most common x-rays required for dental procedures. If there are other specialised x-rays that you require, we can refer you a specialist x-ray and imaging clinic.

    Do we have specialists on-site?

    Unfortunately, we do not currently have any specialists working onsite. For any dental specialist required, we can refer you to some of the specialists that we normally work with. Otherwise, if you have a preferred specialist that you would like a referral to, just let us know and we can write a referral to them.

    Do we do sports mouthguards?

    Yes, we do sports mouthguards. We can make them with some special colours or maybe even your favourite sports team’s colour. Just let us know what colour scheme you would like when you come in. (colour scheme subject to availability with the laboratory). We may have some specials on at certain times of the year. Please check our specials page or give our friendly staff a call to see if we have any specials for sports mouthguards for an upcoming event.

    Do you have anything for sore jaws or for grinding? Do you make occlusal splints?

    If you suffer from jaw pain from clenching or grinding then you may need an occlusal splint. It helps to protect your teeth from cracking, breaking or excessively wearing out. Make an appointment with us to see if this may address the issues you are currently having with your jaw or teeth.

    What is Your Pricing?

    Each patient’s situation is vastly different from the other and so it is difficult to quote an exact price of services required without physically seeing and investigating the problem. We can usually give you a detailed quote after we have investigated your problem through a treatment plan. We also offer payment plan options.

    A comprehensive check of the teeth is usually $55 and a limited exam to check on a specific problem is usually $40. X-rays start from $40 and depend on the type of x-ray required.

    We do run specials throughout the year. Please see our special offers to see if we have any offerings that may suit your needs.