Providing Affordable General, Family & Cosmetic Dental Care

Children’s Dentistry

At Reservoir Smiles, we understand how important it is to instil good oral hygiene

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Anxious Patients

Are you feeling anxious about visiting the dentist? Do you dread the thought of

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Dental veneers are a type of cosmetic dentistry used to change the appearance of

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Emergency Dental

You may wonder where to go for treatment if you have a toothache, chipped

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Dentures offer many benefits for those who have lost their natural teeth. They can

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Crowns & Bridges

A dental crown, sometimes referred to as a cap, is a covering that goes

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Wisdom Teeth & Extractions

With modern dentistry and increased patient awareness in oral health, there has been an

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Misaligned and crowded teeth can often make people less confident in smiling and lower

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Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene is one of the most important practices to prevent dental problems and

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Gum Disease Treatment

Gum Disease is a collective term to describe a range of conditions that affect

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Teeth Whitening

Are you unhappy with how your teeth look? Are they discoloured and making you

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Fillings & Fissure Sealants

Dental decay or dental caries refers to when teeth develop holes caused by harmful

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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal treatment involves removing the pulp (called the nerve) from within the tooth

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are one option to replace missing teeth. They function and look like

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